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Exhibition of pattern of machine tool of the 16th China, industry
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Authority of   of lukewarm administrative division of equipment of world machine tool does it is worth while to exhibit reliance

Share business chance   9 years to will disappear not to come loose in March hand in hand with you

Exhibition of pattern of machine tool of the 16th China, industry and international of the 9th lukewarm city are plastic industry and raw material exhibition

Sponsor: Government of people of city of Wen Zhou of head office of Chinese machine tool

Undertake: Association of mould of city of lukewarm administrative division of group of Beijing scintilla machine tool

Heart accept exhibits elegant rich of limited company lukewarm city to show limited company

  Show program:

Cloth extends time: March 2009 4-5 day   08: 30-17: 00

Show time: March 2009 6-8 day   09: 00-17: 00

Remove extend time: On March 8, 2009     16: 30-22: 00

Exhibit meeting site: Lukewarm city international exhibition center (Jiang Bin east road 1)

Extend meeting scope: Many 500 ginseng postpones a business 30000 square metre show an area

Limits of item on display:

Machine tool of machining center, numerical control

All sorts of metallic cutting machine tools

Non-traditional machine tool reachs special device

Machine tool tool reachs numerical control system

Hardware tool, mould reachs production technology

Plastic machinery reachs raw material

  Authoritative couplet does a key to breed

Exhibition of Chinese machine tool, industry pattern and lukewarm city international are plastic industry and raw material exhibition (machine tool of abbreviation lukewarm city is plastic exhibit) it is Wen Zhou association of mould of city of group of machine tool of scintilla of head office of machine tool of city people government, China, Beijing, Wen Zhou is carried, it is a year of when undertake by heart accept exhibition professional trade grand meeting, fixed and annual in Wen Zhou the international exhibition center will be held in March.

   Actual strength testimony is accumulated 15 years

Exhibit meeting success to hold 15, the spot reachs intent amount accumulative total together into sex 1.5 billion yuan of RMB, purchase trade accumulative total domestic and internationally to exceed 100 thousand person-time.

Exhibited 2008 can obtain unprecedented result, domestic and international ginseng postpones a business 417, exhibition gross area amounts to 26000 square metre, the spot recieves professional audience in all 32575 person-time, the spot clinchs a deal the forehead achieves 120 million yuan.

   Force of each Fang Jiang supports positive assessment to exhibit meeting
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