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Thailand international machine tool and metal machined mechanical exhibition 200
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Beijing Zhong Shihua exhibits exhibition limited company

[The world in 2008] (exhibit) word the 24th

Attend about inviting " Thailand international machine tool and metal machined mechanical exhibition 2008 " case

Beijing Zhong Shihua exhibits international to show limited company is a special organization, undertake to postpone the solely invested business of the meeting domestic and internationally. Major servicing is: Undertake domestic company and government are gone to about the branch international exhibition enters outside the condition; Constituent business and government are gone to about the branch look around outside the condition make an on-the-spot investigation; The design that exhibit a stage and build; Begin communication of technology of the economy between international; Offer international exhibition and foreign trade information to seek advice wait for a service.

Beijing Zhong Shihua exhibits international to show limited company its administrator is to having the industry elite that undertakes to exhibit meeting experience domestic and internationally for years, have a high quality, active be eager to make progress and the employee rank of rich passion. The company communicates with strengthening international, stimulative business development is oneself, act on the principle with consummate service, for domestic and international client, especially medium and small businesses, provide all-around, high level specialization service.

Classics approval, my firm is joining to came 23 days to exhibit a center in Bangkok international trade on November 20, 2008 in constituent home company (BITEC) holds " Thailand international machine tool and metal machined mechanical exhibition 2008 " will concern matters concerned case accuse as follows now:

Postpone meeting introduction: Stimulative commission of China International trade cooperates to strengthen the classics trade with the developing country, consolidate and extend bilateral trade channel, production company of machinery of stimulative our country and east the classics trade collaboration of manufacturer of machine of alliance each country and technical communication, enlarge our country machine tool, metal to machine the relevant product such as machinery to reach the exit of southeast Asia market to Thailand further. Chinese light industry exhibits a center to organize help domestic company to came 23 days on November 20, 2008, attend to be held in Thailand capital Bangkok 2008 " Thailand (Bangkok) international machine tool and metal machine mechanical exhibition (METALEX) " .

In recent years, thailand takes an active part in regional economy collaboration, joined Asia-Pacific economy collaboration is organized and east alliance free-trade area, attend Shikoku of medium, peaceful, old, remote actively to cooperate about water of area of Mekong upper reaches, overland traffic, drive peaceful, horse, Indonesian border of the area " area of economic growing triangle " process. As manufacturing industry and the development that serve industry, especially the rise of tourism, thailand economy structure already produced major change, the agricultural country that gives priority to in order to export produce by the past is changed to burgeoning industrial state stage by stage. Since Thailand economy anabiosises, manufacturing industry of industry of treatment of the auto industry of Thailand, electron and electric equipment industry, metal, mould develops quickly, be in to the demand of the machine tool grow substantially, very big also to the demand of machine tool spare parts and accessory, machine tool spare parts reachs year of entrance total value of accessory to restrain 186 million dollar, 28% what occupy Thailand machine tool to import total value. Produce the rate of resource to promote an enterprise to use this locality, reduce unfavorable balance of trade, committee of Thailand stimulative investment plans to edit again active the machinery that encourages foreign investment and policy of derate of tariff of raw material import.
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