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Shanghai international eletroplates, besmear outfit and finishing exhibition
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Shanghai international eletroplates, besmear outfit and finishing exhibition time: 4-6 day ground will nod in March 2009: Store of Shanghai world trade sponsors unit Shanghai to eletroplate association assist do besmear of project of unit China surface to install branch China chemical industry to learn coating besmear to install professional committee Suzhou to eletroplate association Hangzhou eletroplates association carry on promotes eletroplate association Ning Bo eletroplates association Jin Hua eletroplates association Hefei eletroplates association: Shanghai stands be proud congress of of exhibition limited company appoints media: China of website of Chinese surface project eletroplates website " material is protected " " exterior project information " supportive media:" eletroplate with environmental protection " " discover resource - finishing " " besmear outfit and eletroplate " China eletroplates equipment industry net net of Hui Cong of net of China International finishing - finishing adds China of predestined relationship net frequently to eletroplate technical network China eletroplates equipment of furnish of besmear of equipment net China trades net China titanium. . . . . . Introductive Shanghai is located in the center of delta of the Yangtse River, it is the important bridgehead of China's hugest industrial production base and coupling international home market. At present Shanghai has more than 100 thousand company, enterprise of 1000 6 20 thousand foreign capital, economic actual strength is long triangle first of each city, formed make with equipment of equipment of chemical industry, communication, the computer, electron, electric, mechanical, equipment, the modern industry that the industry such as plastic products, spin is pillar system, reside countrywide exit 6 years to achieve continuously collect a city the first. Shanghai develops an environment to make the land that domestic and international businessman contends for surely with its individual situation, powerful radiant energy force, tremendous market potential, good economy. "2009 Shanghai international eletroplates outfit of industry, besmear and finishing exhibition " hold to " internationalization, specialization, change regularly " the brand exhibits conference fixed position, with exhibition, order goods meeting, seminar " 3 meetings syncretic " for domestic appearance the face handles an industry to offer a high quality reveal, the arena that commerce communication, brand publicizes. We will with comprehensive, professional, perfect service, invite global manufacturer to take an active part in wholeheartedly, develop Chinese market jointly, business chance is infinite, await respectively your presence! Current exhibit can combine by the association of professional authority and company of domestic and international famous exhibition make, aggregate outfit of domestic and international finishing, besmear, eletroplate the professional association of course of study, society is held jointly, will be stationed in Shanghai orgnaization to give out to foreign relevant association and abroad invite, ginseng of group of constituent place industry is exhibited, look around, current exhibit meeting accumulating to predict 10, 000 square metre, professional audience 20 thousand person-time, among them, long triangle is occupied 55% , Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and southeast Asia are occupied 15% , of many orgnaizations cooperate hand in hand, make China have one of brand grand meeting of authority and dimensions most with all one's strength. The promotion of professional market 1. By sponsor an unit to organize professional audience to go to Shanghai to look around through oneself network. 2. Undertake cooperative with professional magazine, website, cover deep, its rich reader group will exhibit the propagandist strength of the meeting by force substantially greatly. 3. A large number of mailing invitation letter gives be purchased directionally or professional audience, have come from: Industry of aviation of car, shipping, spaceflight, national defence, electron is made reach relevant product, computer to make reach science and technology of relevant product, information, mould, plastic, hardware, Wei Yu, horological, glasses, lamp to act the role of, the industry such as car autocycle spare parts. 4, the audience that the symposium attracts high quality 5, person specially assigned for a task is in charge of the invitation of large user inside course of study coming to visit. 6, Hua Dong area releases ginseng of giant and outdoors advertisement to extend range 1, equipment of act the role ofing of finishing, essence of life and project: Outfit of besmear of polish of spray, electron, electrophoresis, zincous oxidation, chromatic change besmear outfit, successive stripe eletroplates, fight chemical container and liner, filter reach passivation, pump, agitate and mix, heat exchanger of the macerate heating installation, polymer that contain fluorine; 2, eletroplate fluid of craft, plating and eletroplate things equipment: Brush plating, chemical plating, metal and alloy plating, vacuum eletroplates, non-conductive n body metallization, plating on plastics, electron shapes, without report (automatic break is changed) eletroplate, macerate eletroplates, roll a bucket to eletroplate reach eletroplate rack equipment; 3, coating products and raw material: Building coating, industry coating, car coating, coating, do not stick coating, anticorrosion coating, special type besmear additive, aid solvent to wait; 4, besmear furnish equipment and product line: Mix glassware, dispersive machine, extruder, filter, pump, metric instrument, package machine, contemporary mix colors the system, electrostatic spray, spray that do not have oxygen, paint besmears outfit, powder besmears outfit, besmear installs water product line, automatic dusting besmear holds a line; 5, coating, besmear assembles environmental protection technology and product: Filter cloth cleaning device, waste gas / soot of waste residue processing, purify, ventilated reach air to pollute control, useless water treatment to wait for technical equipment unit; 6, mechanical and chemical processing technology and equipment: Vapour is defatted, chemical change except rust, phosphor, abrade / polishing / wax / gush arenaceous or gush bolus equipment, go burr, antirust, chemistry is cleaned, ultrasonic cleans ion of clear scour off of drug and equipment, electrochemistry to wait; 7, industrial filter, filter, filter ooze of bag, screen pack, filter filter equipment. Ginseng exhibit expense
1, the standard exhibits: Foreign enterprise: 1600 euro / , domestic company 9800 yuan of RMBs / . (norms: 9m² of = of 3m × 3m, include: Enterprise lintel board, shoot the light, electrical outlet of 220V power source, negotiate desk, chair and carpet and security personnel cleanness. )
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