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The 5th China (Guangzhou) exposition of manufacturing industry of international
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◇ approves an unit: Ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of China

Sponsor an unit: Union of machinist trade of government of Guangzhou city people, China

Constituent unit: Commission of trade of Guangzhou city economy

Undertake unit: Guangdong can exhibit promotion limited company (member of IAEM of institute of international exhibition government)

GIMEE ' the 2008 grand meeting that are the machine tool with China and Asian main area, mechanical equipment and domain of relevant form a complete set, hold 4 successfully already, accumulative total shows an area 150 thousand square metre, china and foreign countries postpones business more than 2500. Current exhibit meeting to accumulate 40000 ㎡, set beforehand exhibit 2000, machine tool of 800 much China and foreign countries, equipment and cartel of relevant form a complete set deduce industry new hotspot, orgnaization of authority of numerous China and foreign countries and top-ranking major buy the home energetically support and participate in will stimulate the business affairs between development business and international to contact. Exhibit meeting general to strive to be in form a delegation domestic and internationally ginseng exhibit, the major outside churchyard buys the home organization and exhibit the consequence respect of the meeting to obtain progress and breakthrough, cooperate to exhibit business to creat good chance.

 protruding shows company competition ability and brand value, digging China of potential and infinite business chance is the source of main motive force that global economy grows, hopeful of Chinese gross domestic product jumped house world 2008 the 3rd. China already became the world's greatest machine tool 5 years to consume big country continuously, current exhibit meeting general to create to extend the market for machine tool of China and foreign countries and enterprise of relevant form a complete set, show the brand value, platform that retains powerful competition ability. China of  push forward has the market of vigor most, the Jin Yao of the business chance austral open China is China's largest manufacturing industry base south spoon China, guangdong is the first manufacturing industry of Chinese is saved greatly, base of world-class manufacturing industry bead trigonometry industry upgrades pace is accelerated, line of business of heavy chemical industry is strong rise abruptly, the equipment such as treatment of a large number of machine tools, metal, mould and product of form a complete set make pressing demand. Guangzhou is the chief position that the industrial base with southeast Asia the strongest actual strength and manufacturer of China and foreign countries develop Hua Na market, the development of estate of heavy chemical industry such as Guangzhou car, shipping, petrifaction, mechanical equipment, iron and steel is swift and violent, among them production value of mechanical equipment line of business predicts to achieved 550 billion yuan 2010, market potential is tremendous! General mobilization of  advantage resource, stereo conduct propaganda popularizes the ginseng that enlarges you to exhibit investment redound to exhibit meeting general to sell kind with integrated battalion, natural resources of active harmonious society (cooperate outside orgnaization of organization of scholar of manufacturing business, trafficker, agency, media, expert, public figure, trade, government, condition square) with the organization square resource () of experience of manpower, financial capacity and old and professional organization, plan, in order to establish the propagandist strategy of form of characters or letters, emphasize draw the businessman, attention that purchases business and medium, promotion is exhibited the consequence of the meeting and participate in the effect.  high quality audience comes together in crowds, organizing committee of contact of the high grade close quarters that buy the home will carry mail of the press, Internet, professional periodical, phone, ad straight mail, exhibit dispatch, can outdoors billboard, TV, phone to invite with the short message group the way such as hair, can undertake to exhibiting all-around propagandist promotion, force invites car, metal treatment, mechanical, steely, home appliance, electron, IT, shipbuilding, war industry, metallurgy, petrifaction, toy, gift, horological, hardware, furniture, presswork wait for major of production industry domain personage and buy the home to attend a meeting look around, purchase, predict to come from global professional audience to will exceed 40 thousand person-time.  is all previous and main card of ginseng item on display: Ha Ting, Ha Si, Xia Mier, dust mark, sanded Dick, big, Shenyang machine tool, Dalian machine tool, Qiqihaer 2 machine, Tianjin. 
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