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2009 the 14th too lake international machine tool and mould make equipment exhib
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2009 China too exposition of manufacturing industry of lake international equipment and 2009 the 14th too 2009 The 14th TaiHu International Machine Tool And Mould Manufacturing Apparatus of exhibition of production device of lake international machine tool and die shows time: In March 2009 1, place of 4 days of exhibitions: Without stannic city new sports exhibits preface of central invitation letter too lake machine tool exhibits us to hold 13 successfully already, accumulative total postpones business more than 5500, attracted nearly 750 thousand person to participate in, accumulative total clinchs a deal the forehead is close two hundred million and twenty yuan of RMBs. Having stannum is Chinese nation industry, one of birthplace of industry of villages and towns, it is our country opens to the outside world importantly to develop with economy area, international manufacturing industry transfers the strategic good luck that develops with edge river, also will give without Xi Yinglai's new bigger development. Do not have base of stannic international manufacturing industry to breed and develop, satisfy market demand, we on March 1, 2009, in the city that do not have stannum 4 days center of new sports exhibition holds one of professional grand meeting that have an effect extremely " the 14th 2009 China too exhibition of production device of lake international machine tool and die " , current exhibit can predict 600 ginseng postpone a business, exhibit an area 18000 square metre, will have at the appointed time come from the world such as Taiwan of the United States, England, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, India, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Macao elite of 500 strong companies and global major buy the home nearly 50 thousand people attend a meeting look around, exceptionally grand occasion. Here, we welcome ardently domestic and international production, current the travelling merchant presence that reachs relevant industry is exhibited without stannic ginseng reach research the market. We expect the presence of Your Exllency, what do not have stannum and circumjacent area machine tool and mould to make industry to drive jointly is long-term develop and try hard. Sponsor an unit: Stimulative commission of China International trade raises without stannic city can not have stannic city mechanical Joint Industry Conference to undertake unit: Delta of the city that do not have stannum can exhibit limited company assist run an unit: Jiangsu assist limited company does not have city of easy machine tool of limited company of equipment of stannic city Xin Chenyuan Electromechanical does not have of limited company of Electromechanical of Xi Silai blessing to achieve of limited company of raise Electromechanical equipment not to have stannum without stannic city: Taiwan Asia-Pacific international exhibits limited company to support an unit: Association of tool of machine tool of province of Jiangsu of association of supply and marketing of mechanical industry of China of head office of Chinese machine tool does not have stannic city mechanical capital fund to manage limited company one steam does not have stannic diesel engine the factory does not have Xi Weifu Jiangyin of of limited company of Shuang Liang group of Jiangsu of of limited company of group of far east of Jiangsu of of group limited company: " machine tool market conditions " " the machine tool makes an industry " " world of CNC cutting tool " " Electromechanical market conditions " " the mould makes industry " " machining and machine tool " " machine tool industry " " international mould industry " " machinery and mould " " contemporary mould " " mould industry market conditions " " machinery " : On Feburary 27, 2009 - time of 28 days of exhibitions: On March 1, 2009 - 4 days of opening time: On March 1, 2009 9:30 AM removes extend time: On March 4, 2009 12:0Charge of 0 PM 1, exhibit a cost: International standard exhibits a 3 rice X 3 rice, in all; of 9 square metre (include a piece of a lintel board, be in harmony to talk about a table, 2 chairs, 2 shoot the light) every exhibit domestic company collect fees 5800 yuan of RMBs (hire since solely 36 square metre, 500 yuan / square metre) ; Every exhibit the joint ventures collect fees 9000 yuan of RMBs (hire since solely 36 square metre, 800 yuan / square metre) ; Every exhibit property of condition foreign enterprise collect fees 1500 dollars (hire since solely 36 square metre, 130 dollars / square metre) ; Special exhibit increase price 20 % (hire since solely 36 square metre, 500 yuan / square metre) . 2, three-phase report, loading/discharging charges (by the regulation additional collect fees) ginseng exhibit an object agency of company of production of domestic and international of all kinds machine tool, mould, trade, agent, supplier. Show content 1, of all kinds mould: Model of plastic mould, cold die, v, die-casting model, glass model, metallurgy model; 2, mould material: Plate of mould rolled steel, metal (wire) , makings of copper of Chinese ink of aluminium alloy material, electrode, electrode; 3, mould fittings: Guide-post bushing of component of mould bases, pattern plate, hot flow path, guide pillar, ejector pin (needle) , drift, fastener, bedspring, of all kinds file, emery wheel, hand uses a tool, technology of heat treatment of oil cylinder, mould and equipment; 4, the mould machines equipment: System of the lathe of grinder of mill of opportunity of treatment of machining center, milling machine, boring machine, electric spark, line cut machine, coordinate, of all kinds grinder, numerical control, engraving tool, machine combining a model, drilling machine, machine that fold a turn, plane shear, fast patternmaking; 5, the mould makes auxiliary device: Polisher, card (clip) , fixed position and lock decide all sorts of device, measuring instruments implement (watch) , oil of cutting tool, abrasive, cutting, lube; Cleaning machine of agent of drawing of patterns, ultrasonic; 6, production shapes equipment: Punch bed, forging press bed, oil pressure bed, hydraulic press, die casting machine, send makings unit; 7, heat treatment and finishing and aggrandizement technology and equipment: The muller, machine that throw ball, gush arenaceous machine, arenaceous band plane, light is overall; 8, device of technology of CAE of / of CAM of mould CAD / , software, hardware, automatic process designing and plasticity treatment system; 9, current mechanism: All sorts of air compressor, decelerate machine. Promotion plans to exhibit meeting promotion very crucial to exhibition success or failure, we use the propagandist method of a variety of effective, can have puissant promotion to exhibiting: Agency conduct propaganda: In " mould project " , " Electromechanical market conditions " , " contemporary machine tool " , " machine tool market conditions " , " machining and machine tool " , " mould industry market conditions " , " Taiwan technology industry " wait for major media and " Yangtse Evening Post " , " the daily that do not have stannum " , " , be in China release on more than 100 professional media such as net of plastic mould of net of tool of machine tool of net of rigid business net, Chinese mould net, business of Chinese machine tool, China, China exhibit meeting information; Mail promotion continuously: Sponsor, assist do reach undertake the unit is built have more complete industry firm database, can wait for a method to be aimed at a car to make through allotting a file to mail letter continuously, the mould is made, horological, instrument is made, autocycle is made, the toy is made, building materials is made, the bicycle is made, professional metal treatment, plastic, plane is made, light industrial product, reaching machine of universities and colleges of mechanical design courtyard, institute is to wait for the comprehensive information that passes the conference; Present bill plan: One party needle postpones business to joining, organize the person that look around on one hand, the organizing committee plans to print 700 thousand elegant entrance ticket, invite the unit initiate such as industry user and manufacturing business, agency to look around. Special invite: Basically be aimed at organization of governmental official, trade and journalist; Constituent expert undertakes lecture of special subject technology; Outdoors advertisement: Advertisement of artillery piece of stage high of Huang Tang of high speed of Qi Duan of jade of Shanghai peaceful high speed, Xi Cheng; Company of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of line of square of railway station, station, 312 nations collects fees station, Suzhou hopes booth collects fees the above of half an year of large and outdoors ad such as the station; Without line of mainstay of stannic urban district crossroad reachs key place to have ad of paint of open in season tens of piece, wave for nothing balloon advertisement tens of, advertisement of taxi automobile body wait for cover of advertisement of proceedings of a conferences more than times 300: 15000 yuan of back cover: 10000 yuan of black and white full page: 3000 yuan of inside front cover: 8000 yuan of title page: Full page of 8000 yuan of characters: 1500 yuan of inside back cover: Page of 6000 yuan of color: 4000 yuan of characters half edition: Advertisement of 800 yuan of other invitations card: 6000 yuan / 10 thousand pieces of scroll: 800 yuan / exhibition period waves air ball: 3000 yuan / exhibition period visits certificate: 4000 yuan / arch of 10 thousand Zhang Chong gas: 5500 yuan / advertisement of paint of exhibition period spray: 100 yuan / square (contain truss and installation) field ad is other plan service project 1, conduction item on display is carried reach stay buy, offer favourable accommodation, travel; Era orders ticket of return trip plane, train ticket, charge provides for oneself. 2, offer freely to professional personage " item on display is previewed " the bridge that wears a both sides of supply and demand in time. 3, brief introduction of 200 words company is ascended freely to give congress proceedings of a conference on congress proceedings of a conferences 2. 4, offer visiting certificate freely to invite a client to use for postponing business; Exhibit a fixed cleanness to reach 24 hours to guard. Ginseng extend a program 1, the enterprise that every accords with exhibition limits, all can apply for to join exhibit. Expensive unit is exhibited like ginseng signing up, fill in seriously please ginseng after exhibiting application form to build official seal, be faxed or mail to the organizing committee; 2, application is exhibited will join by the following account inside 5 days extend charge telegraphic money order or hand in to constituent unit; Gathering unit: Delta of the city that do not have stannum can exhibit account of RMB of limited company: 858010188900017520 opens an account bank: Jiangsu bank does not have stannum remittance of 5 love subbranch of a bank makes clear please: "The 14th 2009 China too exhibition of production device of lake international machine tool and die " 3, extend an order allocation principle: "First application, prepaid money, arrange first " 4, ginseng exhibit business to be after remit charge, fax sheet of bottom of bank remit money please to the organizing committee; 5, the organizing committee is in after receiving each fee, will at mail before Feburary 10, 2009 or be being faxed " ginseng exhibit manual " to ginseng postpone business. Connection means can exhibit address of limited company without stannic city delta: 62 auspicious in auspicious of the city that do not have stannum enclosed ground for growing trees 7 buildings 502 rooms postcode: 214005 phone: 0510-82322145 82322142 fax: 0510-82301731 contact: International of Asia-Pacific of Teng Hui 13812196389 exhibits address of limited company: Road of Taiyuan of area of collect of Taichun city north 105.107 10 buildings / Taichun county sanded Lu Zhenzheng flower road 398 TEL:886-4-22331068 886-4-26528136 FAX:886-4-22332889 886-4-26528166

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