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2009 China (Ning Bo) exposition of international equipment manufacturing industr
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Of mould of the 5th China exposition (pattern of machine tool industry and relevant product extend even the line)

2009 China (Ning Bo) exposition of international equipment manufacturing industry

2009 China (Ninbo) International Machinery Industry Equipment Fair(show)

  23-26 day · is peaceful in April 2009 wave international exhibition center

  Always exhibit 2000

Sponsor an unit: Zhejiang of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference saves bureau of medium and small businesses Economic Commission of peaceful wave city

Undertake unit: Guild of mould of city of peaceful wave of association of equipment of machine tool of peaceful wave city

Executive unit: Ning Bo grand far exhibition limited company

Support an unit:

The Hua Dong area such as association of association of Chinese aerospace tool, Chinese v association, Chinese lighting electric equipment, Shanghai association of industry of mould of 7 provinces city

Assist run an unit:

Information of city of bureau of bureau of foreign trade of peaceful wave city, science and technology of peaceful wave city, peaceful wave does, government of people of division of government of people of division of government of people of river north division, Hai Shu, Jiang Dong

  The demand market with huge ● reachs distinct area advantage

◎ Ning Bo is city of national plan only kind, important place of industry of Hua Dong region, zhejiang visits economic center

◎ chinese mainland the 2nd big haven, already was to grow trigonometry area content to shed distribution centre at present, cross Hai Daqiao's building as Hangzhou bay, the position of its traffic hub promotes one condition.

◎ Ning Bo is named to be by Chinese Department of Commerce " of Chinese brand " it is " of Chinese stationery " " of Chinese mould " " of Chinese model machine "

At present Ning Bo already built ◎ with in the essential manufacturing industry that build base has: Mobile communication base and base of base of car a replacement, glossy news report, microelectronics and yuan base of property of source of base of base of base of base of parts of an apparatus, plastic products base, high low-pressure electric equipment, instrument bearing industry, dynamoelectric tool base, electric home appliances

   Organization of authority of grand meeting of ● China equipment sponsors:

This exhibiting can sponsor by Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference. Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference is ministry of former mechanical industry turn to make and come, it is the majesty of Chinese equipment production industry and bibcock organization, administer association of association of association of tool of Chinese machine tool, Chinese mould industry and organization. China (Ning Bo) exposition of international equipment manufacturing industry----Of mould of the 5th China after exposition is sponsorred for Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference, will make rich meet with Shenyang, meeting, Guangzhou makes Shanghai industry gain meeting, Xi'an makes gain rich will be eponymous, become what the key of national level breeds to exhibit one of meetings: "Exhibit Zhejiang of a take root peaceful wave, base oneself upon originally, face the whole nation, shoot the world, business chance is infinite " .
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