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2009 Zhejiang luck installs mechanical equipment exhibition
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One: The market is wraparound

---How does luck serve as " lukewarm city mode " main birthplace, market mechanism is agile, civilian battalion economy developeds, formed steam rub fittings, mechanical electron, plastic products, shoe kind, the industry of 6 big pillar such as dress of careful chemical industry, spin, actor product is in large quantities of names to enjoy high reputation domestic and internationally, 19 kinds of products own 50% above share in countrywide market, the steam that is national level rub deserve to produce base. Base of plastic film property, presswork pack reach base of produce and sale of medical machinery whole nation, whole nation's famed careful chemical industry to produce base, formed the industry dimensions advantage that has stronger competition capacity and advantage of industrial form a complete set.
Mechanism of the manufacturing industry base with main Zhejiang, market economy of agile, civilian battalion developeds
How is luck national level steam rub deserve to produce base of base, plastic film property, presswork pack reach medical machine base of countrywide produce and sale, careful chemical industry produces base, powerful industrial economy grows posture, be badly in need of introducing advanced machining equipment and technical talent. Current exhibit the market demand that can cater to luck how to reach economy of circumjacent region industry to develop, exhibit of the meeting hold installed mechanical manufacturing industry to input more new blood for luck, install mechanical manufacturing industry to supply tall, essence, pointed equipment for luck, drive luck to install mechanical manufacturing industry to develop more quickly.

2: Current exhibition name, time, the ground orders house number
Name: 2009 Zhejiang luck installs mechanical equipment exhibition
Sponsor: Association of sale of market of lukewarm state city
Undertake: Hangzhou wide source shows limited company
Business carries out: Wide source shows limited company
The ground orders house number: Zhejiang luck installs a sports center
Exhibit house address: Zhejiang province luck brings way of city luck lake 156
Show program:
Report for duty, cloth exhibits: On Feburary 27, 2009 - 28 days 8: 30 - 17: 30
Exhibition: On March 1, 2009 9: 00 - 16: 30
On March 2, 2009 9: 00 - 16: 30
On March 3, 2009 9: 00 - 14: 00
Remove exhibit: On March 3, 2009 14: 00
3: Propagandist promotion
" international mould production market conditions " , " production technology and machine tool " , " machinery and metal " , " market conditions of international machinery industry " , " mould industry " , " the mould is made " , " Asia-Pacific is plastic industrial journal " , " mould project " .
4: Show range

The metal machines a machine tool: Car, mill, grind, boring, curium, auger wait for machine tool and fittings.
Machine a machine tool: Machine tool of machine of cut of machining center, electric spark, line, numerical control, engraving tool, machine combining a model, repair machine, oil pressure machine, laser beam welding to receive grinder of boring of machine, coordinate, pattern plate to cut machine.
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