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Exhibition of industry of machinery of the 10th China International
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Equipment of ChinaMach2009 China top class machine tool is exhibited greatly --

Exhibition of industry of machinery of the 10th China International

Peaceful wave international exhibition center (peaceful wave city can extend a way 181)

On Feburary 24, 2009 ~ on Feburary 27

Approval: Thank billows insane of  of protruding of  heir burying port

Support an unit: Machinery of China of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of mechanical and electrical products of China of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference equips (group) company

Sponsor an unit: Head office of machine tool of China of government of people of city of Ning Bo of head office of imports and exports of Chinese mechanical equipment

Assist run an unit: Federation of industry and commerce of city of peaceful wave of bureau of collaboration of foreign trade economy of peaceful wave city

Undertake unit: Economic Commission of peaceful wave city

Carry out undertake: Elegant eminent exhibition serves international of limited company Xi Maike to show limited company

Why to choose to attend Ning Bo

Ning Bo, city of city of the economic center city of the ala austral Chinese long delta, content shedding center, center of Electromechanical manufacturing industry, China's main manufacturing industry base.

Ning Bo, U.N. evaluates China to have one of development future cities most; 2006 " Chinese city competition ability reports " Ning Bo city is integrated competition ability lists China (contain port, bay) the 8th.

Harbor of logical sequence of peaceful wave north is chinese mainland the 2nd big haven, haven port's cargo throughput amounted to 360 million tons 2007, container handling capacity box of 9.35 million mark. It is to grow the thing with trigonometry important area to shed distribution centre, and the building that crosses Hai Daqiao as Hangzhou bay, ning Bo enters area of two hours of traffic of Shanghai, the position of traffic hub begins to form.

Ning Bo, " of Chinese brand " , " of Chinese stationery " " of Chinese model machine " also be China at the same time facilities of current mechanism, plastic machinery, Electromechanical component, car and spare parts, electric home appliances

Exhibition of industry of China International machinery has held his head high stride line of business of equipment of domestic top class machine tool to extend meeting range.

Why to choose to attend CHINA MACH

 holds 9 successfully already about CHINA MACHCHINA MACH, it is grand meeting of the machine tool with China and Asian main area, mechanical equipment and domain of relevant form a complete set.

Previous term or session of 33000M2 of area of exhibition of previous term or session postpones business more than 726 previous term or session is exhibited 1835
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