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Foreground of growing youth market of high-pressured transducer market
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1. Rate of market dimensions growth is rapid, potential is great. Nearly two years the market rises more than 40% on average, the manufacturer with not little amount to achieved the growth of more than 100% 2007. At present this market had entered dovish rapid development passageway, predict to 35%-40% will maintain before 2010 year all grow.

2. Product still immature, the technology rises in ceaseless development. Current and main firm, especially domestic manufacturer is in break through the higher power, new product that can realize more function ceaselessly, at the same time exert oneself increases the stability of the product. The product is apart from maturity to still have certain space.

3. Competition is intense, pattern still is not stabilized, still have the person that enter newly in great quantities eye covetously. In the high speed growth of the market, as what each firm grows a situation inside course of study differ, and of new firm swarm into ceaselessly, for instance: Foreign manufacturer is like Sanken, yaskawa, fuji, domestic manufacturer is vacated like Ying Wei, Sen Lan, market structure may produce bigger change.

4. Product value is in drop gradually. In high-pressured transducer market, associate with outstanding achievement is a when obtain new client to approbate principal weight used on a balance, the person that enter newly to realize outstanding achievement, often can pass lower the price even the means of EMC will win a client. Of the person that because this is mixed as competitive aggravate,enter newly enter, case is in integral market price to drop ceaselessly.

5. Still the user that comparative was not approbated to this product, but the user accepts rate rising ceaselessly. From the point of the client side, no matter be petrifaction of metallurgy, building materials, mine, oil or electric power, municipal, more it is to trying to use and extend phase, the distance gains ground truly and large-scale application is very far still.