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Develop new energy resources to carry model of program new energy resources to g
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Each country government will admit new energy resources to carry program recently. American government passed a bill that the name is H.R.6323 recently, aim to support the development that this nation new energy resources blocks again energetically; French government near future also allocates funds 400 million yuan subsidize industry of automobile of new energy resources; Holand government to low the allowance specified amount that discharges car of new energy resources also is as high as 40 million euro.

As we have learned, the research and development that this act will block again to mix motivation, production and sale provide subsidy. This act will be started formally 2010, at the appointed time American government will allocate funds every year 16 million dollar. Additional, france also will begin to allocate funds 4 years in all continuously from this year 400 million euro gives French car manufacturer, back the car that its research and development and production discharge without carbon dioxide. Holand is passed increase allowance budget, buy with incentive user low car of discharged new energy resources.