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The development that unscrambles industry of our country tool lags behind at mod
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Cutting tool calls numerical control cutting tool in domestic habit, it is a when contemporary digitlization makes a technology organic component. In contemporary and efficient cutting tool, cutting tool of efficient hard alloy is brunt product.

In the developed country, hard alloy cutting tool already occupied the 70% above that all cutting tool sells. And until go up century end, the our country progress in this one domain is very slow still. But since entering new century, quicken modern pace along with our country manufacturing industry, our country digitlized production technology to also obtain rapid development. Go up century end, our country gold cuts a machine tool to produce per year a quantity to already amounted to 190 thousand, but among them numerical control machine tool only 14 thousand; At that time, it is contemporary and efficient cutting tool of the representing with cutting tool of new-style hard alloy, 15% what also be not worth sale of all cutting tool. And 2007, crop of machine tool of our country numerical control already achieved one hundred and twenty-three thousand two hundred, production value numerical control is changed rate achieve 43.7% . With the proportion of the cutting tool of efficient hard alloy that this photograph matchs, also rise to 40.3% what hold cutting tool sale. This shows,

Since entering new century, machine tool of our country numerical control and efficient cutting tool, obtained fast, synchronous development. Ever somebody is used " homebred machine tool matchs foreign knife " the development need that the view describes industry of our country tool to lag behind at manufacturing industry. We think, this kind of wording is not exact. current actual condition, homebred cutting tool satisfies the need of form a complete set of homebred machine tool, it is unchallenged on the whole. So, we conclude from this, didn't homebred cutting tool lag behind? Not be of course.

The development level of industry of our country tool still cannot satisfy the development need of modern manufacturing industry. This basically behaves in: The treatment difficult problem that poses ceaselessly in manufacturing industry development, to the ceaseless pursuit of character and efficiency, we often cannot be taken out in time settle way. That is to say, manufacturing industry puts forward new, high-end demand, basically rely on foreign technology to solve even.