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Energy-saving lamp percent of pass is less than Shaanxi 5 into
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Branch of Shaanxi province qualitative inspect announced the near future to be opposite a few days ago of energy-saving lamp product selective examination to show as a result, question of energy-saving lamp existence is more, its percent of pass is less than 5 into.

As we have learned, in product of 111 batches of of 92 brands that selective examination energy-saving lamps, percent of pass is only 43% . Cause the cause with energy-saving unqualified lamp, it is manufacturer to be opposite more plastic design unreasonable, lamp holder and lamp housing to cooperate not to wait cheek by jowl, cause prevent index of sex getting an electric shock, mechanical intensity to wait unqualified. Prevent sex getting an electric shock when unqualified meeting makes consumer is using energy-saving light, feel the metal inside lamp holder or the electrified metal component on lamp holder. Mechanical intensity is unqualified, may bring about the lamp to be in assemble and unassemble the lamp holder in the process and light system are broken away from, make electrified circuitry, component, lamp holder is exposed completely, endanger person security directly.