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Fall after a rise of demand of traditional project machine
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Go up with equipment exhibition in the world ore deposit that held a few days ago, card of tycoon of world project machine is special those is strapped high-key appear, concentration revealed his new the F series mine that get offline uses a truck, comprise new generation machinery annulus mine is mixed with the lorry dynamoelectric annulus mine uses a truck. F series mine deserves to card spy those straps C175 derv engine with the lorry, on energy-saving and efficient application foundation body reveals beautiful design.

Card spy those straps exhibiting subterranean mine to include newest subterranean mine to use a truck with fork-lift truck and mine with equipment. In addition, those straps Carter to still exhibit to the public first the D11T crawler bulldozer of new research and development and new-style and large round of type fork-lift truck -- 993K.

Notable is, those straps Carter to had equiped to the sources of energy from traditional project machine domain now the domain is extended, the sources of energy that includes gas turbine equipment, compressor equipment, coal-bed to enrage generation set, large ore deposit to wait inside with the car equips, the significant gain source that becomes card spy those to strap future, its industry catenary is outspread and worth while attention of company of Chinese project machinery.

Card spy those straps all alone of oily first selection of the sea in already was being become to help supplier of the market after gas turbine equipment makes work, the put into production of temple river colliery that still is in Shanxi Jincheng the coal-bed with 120 made of baked clay million enrages power plant.