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High end of Chinese commercial vehicle changes a trend to will jump over an inve
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Progress of commercial vehicle of past China high end is slow, foreign capital brand is entered with all one's strength but be completely annihilated almost. Its prime cause is developing a standard at Chinese economy low, is not management level low. Because level of past economy progress is low, the goods value with locomotive place also on the low side, those who hold the mainstream often is general merchandise of raw material, daily expense is mixed farming the low such as by-product is worth goods and materials. Add a society to buy car capacity low, the user changes car spends more money to buy high-grade car rarely.

Current, on a lot of joint-stock brand lorries, the configuration such as ABS, GPS, safe gasbag has become standard configuration, but still configure these equipment rarely on product of Chinese own brand.

China is aimed at come on stage in succession by a series of code that use a car and mark brigadier, and more will strict, car of the high end in prospective China produces sales volume general as economy develop continuously and grow quickly.