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Business chance of Russia of race to control of industry of Jiangsu hardware too
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Not long ago of exhibition of tool of Russia international hardware was held in Moscow 2008, conspicuous is, in the form that enterprise of Jiangsu hardware mechanical and electrical products appeared on current exhibition. As we have learned, save hall of collaboration of foreign trade economy to will begin to allot an announcement May this year, the organization provincial and relevant enterprise goes to Russia, market of tool of hardware of open up Russia. Jiangsu metals company wants " far take its native place " , encounter generally as a result of Chinese manufacturing industry cold, hardware industry hits out actively only.

China is made latter " Qiu Yizheng is thick " . The data that national statistic bureau publishs shows, first half of the year, business of industry of Chinese dimensions above raises a value to grow 16.3% compared to the same period, but relatively last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period 2.2 percent. The data that customs total office publishs shows, up to by July, total value of imports and exports of Chinese foreign trade is amounted to 14, 82.11 billion dollar, than 2007 the corresponding period grows 26.4% . Accumulative total favorable balance of trade 1, 23.72 billion dollar, but than 2007 the corresponding period drops 9.6% , reduce 13.1 billion dollar completely.

As a result of our country manufacturing industry more it is to use the extensive that enters big greatly economy to grow way, international environment has a sign of disturbance or trouble a bit, the enterprise is met not know what to do. On one hand, china makes need import much raw material, the sources of energy to wait, but our country does not have dominant authority however on entrance price, the take turns that waits for the price as international oil, iron ore, commissariat rises quickly, the rise of cost of labor of together with country, the cost dominant position that China creates already gradually die out; On the other hand, in recent years of the RMB appreciate continuously, the key that exports drawback is low and the export dominant position that the reason such as non tariff barrier also weakened a company.

The metals market of our country basically distributings to wait for a place in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shandong, among them Zhejiang and Guangdong are most outstanding. These province city already formed base of a lot of characteristic economy property, hardware industry makes pillar industry of place or key development industry, at present these industrial group still have important place in countrywide hardware industry. What China makes is general encounter cold, brought not little difficulty to hardware industry. According to statistic, zhejiang always health many existing 20 thousand greatly small metals company, from this year begin first, suffer raw material price to rise ceaselessly wait for influence of a lot of element, go into operation of company of a few metals is not worth badly, some even stop production closes down, with this photograph confirm is, local media near future publishs " the enterprise cancels liquidation announcement " begin increase.
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