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Large hardware purchases a center to will show Long Wan
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After a year, wen Zhou will build a large professional hardware to purchase a center. Yesterday, the reporter purchases central know from hardware of accept of heart of investment business lukewarm administrative division, project is started already formally. The electronic business affairs that should purchase a center to will build more than 4000 square metre trades place.

Concern chief introduction according to heart accept, heart accept hardware purchases a center main research and development, detect, manage the product such as of all kinds Electromechanical, electric equipment, tool, hardware. Build purchase a center to be located in city of dragon bay cattail village of street the upper Changjiang region, situation is advantageous, have the thing that builds modern liaison man to shed a condition. After building purchase a center to always cover an area of 213 mus, among them, will build a large parking lot of 50 mus of areas. The electronic business affairs that will build more than 4000 square metre inside the market trades place, use electronic network, to manage door offer the most extensive business chance with the client.

Should purchase a center to will build professional hardware to purchase what the website regards an electron as business affairs to cut a point, the electron that realizes an enterprise to supply catenary government is changed, pass Internet the enterprise on (supplier) with next homes (distributors) it is an organic whole repeatedly, build the system is purchased on the net, trade on progressively implementation net, the management that is the market door provide two commerce platform.