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Market of Electromechanical of the biggest hardware attracts Guangxi east allian
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23 days morning, zheng Kexian of vice president of party of Malaysia civil administration lays a 20 much people, visited town of Electromechanical of hardware of Nanning Dongbo international, express, undertake cooperative for a long time with Electromechanical city of purpose.

The city of Electromechanical of Nanning Dongbo international that is located in road of clever north of Nanning city show covers an area of a face to accumulate many mus 100, have store of many 700 business, it is the market of hardware Electromechanical major with the biggest Guangxi. Yesterday, person of Mr Zhengke group walks into city of Electromechanical of Dong Bo hardware to be attracted by numerous product. They say, be in previously hardware Electromechanical respect, they are in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places trades, after visitting Electromechanical town today, feel valence compares the situation of Nanning city and product sex to have an advantage more. The honored guest expresses in succession, want the product here to introduce Malaysia, come to the product introduction of Malaysia to Nanning. They express, after going back to the motherland will as soon as possible professional personage comes to Electromechanical city negotiate related reframe cooperative matters concerned.

As we have learned, since city of Electromechanical of Dong Boguo border establishs Nanning more than 3 years, each years exposition is attracted east the eyeball of travelling merchant of allied country home. It once succeeded during exposition 2006 held big Mekong second area is met via trade communication. Read extensively 2007 during the meeting, after Kampuchea breaths out exert to overcome city government group and ginseng to exhibited travelling merchant to visit Electromechanical town on the west, think the hardware mechanical and electrical products here is very magnetic, suggest along with late case Nanning city agency goes to encampment of city of Kampuchea Phnom Penh to sell a site to the utmost, with alleviating its home is opposite the demand pressure of hardware mechanical and electrical products.