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Brake of Japanese ASAHI pneumatic is assigning the application of paper cutting
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In paper, plastic, filmy, film, balata, in cutting treatment course without the cent that spins cloth, Copper Foil, aluminum foil, metal strip, aluminous belt to wait for a material, want to assure efficiency of product quality, production and dependability, the tensional control system with a complete function is essential condition. General tension controls a system to basically include detector of tensional controller, tension, brake and clutch to wait. And brake and clutch regard whole system as medium terminal actuator, the difficult Yi Zhi that the accident of the actor bad of its function, life, installation safeguards receives the quality that affecting a product and cost.

Cent cuts aircraft pulling force to control the commonly used clutch in the system and brake to have: Electromagnetism type, magnetic particle type and pneumatic wait. Electromagnetism clutch and brake are controlled in small pulling force some apply in the system, but because its pilot torque is lesser applied range is accordingly narrower also. Magnetic particle clutch and brake are the commonly used executive component of tensional control system, the control of small pulling force in the tradition has wide application in the system. But as a result of its the structure of itself and property decision are long-term below damp environment (or when humidity of itself climate environment is bigger) magnetic particle easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, easy generation is magnetic particle agglomeration, rusty when as a result of its at the same time the structure reachs the characteristic of the principle to be made in permanent worker wait for a phenomenon, cannot output linear torque thereby. And when wanting to output bigger torque, the cost of magnetic particle clutch and brake is higher also. Pneumatic brake and clutch should say the need that is tensional control development. Brake of Japanese ASAHI pneumatic from 20 centuries 70 time are published since, through ceaseless innovation, apply extensively already at all sorts of industry segment now: Papermaking, presswork, spin, Tu Bu, cut piece, answer roll, cent wait for tension to control a system, product torque controls limits to enclothe M of · of 2.2 ~ 36500 N. It not only never won't agglomeration, rusty, and the remanence torque that also eliminated brake of the magnetic particle when be being used, linear is more ideal, the requirement of hot power can come loose when contented high speed works better. Of course, when tensional control needs bigger torque to output (the film that is like paper, wide cut and metallic industry) , pneumatic brake and clutch relatively magnetic particle clutch also has more marked gender price to compare.

Cut from the component that used brake of Japanese ASAHI pneumatic and clutch opportunity is real in light of use circumstance, because pneumatic brake reachs clutch structure,reliable, service life grows simple, performance, convenient maintenance changes wait for a lot of advantage, increased device traversal speed greatly not only, and case stop more downy, tensional control effect is very ideal.
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