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The whole world discharges igneous cable unit first times to move without carbon
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The project of test of igneous power plant that Aersitong announced to the whole world uses A Ersi first times to understand technology of oxygen boosting combustion recently -- power plant of German black pump (official already investment runs the test facilities of SchwarzePumpe) . The success of this project is carbon is caught with bury put (the another important milestone of CCS) domain. This means the strategy that Aersitong commercializes at implementing CCS technology 2015 to planned to step solid one pace, also indicating the whole world is discharged without carbon generate electricity obtained decisive progress. This experiment plant capacity is 30MW, be located in German suddenly Lan Dengbao city, already began to move in September 2008.

Aersitong devotes oneself to carbon dioxide to take technical research and development all the time for years, especially dedicated the research and development that takes a skill after technology of oxygen boosting combustion and combustion. Technology of oxygen boosting combustion is use oxygen is not air combustion fuel, produce the high concentration carbon dioxide that catchs easily thereby. The skill is being taken after combustion is to use place of purify of advanced amine or cooling ammonia to discharge the carbon dioxide in gas. The distinct advantage of these two kinds of technologies depends on them can be being used at built coal fired power plant already, also apply to transform existing coal fired power plant, this to the developing country, especially of existing power plant of China upgrade transform have important sense.

Aersitong carries out vice-president to hold congratulate of Zhu Bei of president of power system department concurrently (PhilippeJoubert) expresses: "In development the smallest to environmental influence innovation generates electricity in technical process, aersitong is leading carbon dioxide to catch development trend of the technology all the time. We are very glad that Vattenfall chose our technology, the put into production of this project shows the collaboration between us already obtained preliminary positive result.