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Advanced measure a technology to be new power of infuse of industry of machine t
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The measurement that is aimed at direct drive system technology

Mix to character of high speed, high spirit, fast face as acting machine tool the way of tall stability develops, the application of direct drive technology increasingly enlarge is added. The advantage of direct drive system, in control only system, electric machinery is mixed measure the system is coordinated each other and cooperate under ability is able to develop adequately, survey a system performance of system of direct to reflecting drive crucial. The linear grating feet that is based on technology of scanning of photoelectricity type only field / angle coder has the advantage with high accuracy, high resolution and fractionize small error, suit direct drive application very much.

From control academic side looks, the heat of the main transfer machinery when reciprocate of the transmission error that because machine tool of half dead loop controls a system to cannot overcome machine tool main transfer machinery,arises, high speed is out of shape sum of errors wears away, completely dead loop controls theory to apply increasingly already in control of contemporary machine tool as what can eliminate transmission error. Drive technology respect, because of direct drive and conventional drive photograph comparing has high accuracy, tall dynamic character, low attrition, safeguard mix simply efficient wait for a characteristic, wide application is won in machine tool industry. Measure technical respect, code as a result of very form and technology of scanning of only field of type of interfacial technology, photoelectricity the application that wait, the precision that measures feedback component, resolution and security had very big rise.

The efficiency of numerical control machine tool raises hang on to control system, electric machinery, machine component and coordinate what measure a system to wait each other with cooperate. Right choice surveys a system, the function to the machine tool especially direct drive system has main effect. The expression of efficiency of direct drive system depends on greatly the choice that the position measures package, have extremely high demand to measuring package: The measurement with tall ① precision; The fractionize error with small ② ; The resolution with high ③ ; ④ is jam-free.

The largest dominant position of direct drive depends on direct drive technology its drive component (linear electric machinery or pitching moment electric machinery) and by drive component (workbench or revolving stage) between without other drive disk assembly, join tigidity is tall, because this is direct,the gain of operating ring system of drive system can be more than conventional drive system far. Tall gain has its advantage, but the requirement that also raised to output signal character to measuring package at the same time, at linear grating feet is linear electric machinery, at angle coder is pitching moment electric machinery.
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