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Improve industry of equipment and coal of zoology of technical level development
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In last few years, coal industry pays attention to the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, aggrandizement management, strengthen technical reformation, increase investment of science and technology, expand circular economy, raise contaminant to handle rate and litter resource integrated utilization rate, change develops way, obtained certain result. According to statistic of association of Chinese coal industry, production of countrywide raw coal is average 2007 ton of coal power consumption 20.91 kilowatt hour, drop compared to the same period 0.29% . Before 2008 3 months, average ton of coal power consumption 17.77 kilowatt hour, drop compared to the same period 2.93% .

Of coal industry energy-saving decrease a platoon, the key is to want a state relevant economic policy falls to real point, implementation society benefit and economic benefits synchronism rise.

Implement economic drive policy

Wang Xianzheng of chairman of association of industry of coal of members of standing committee of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China points out, need increases strength from 6 respects, ascertain a state relevant economic policy:

It is to implement system of gold of geological perambulate have enough to meet need, increase investment of pair of perambulate of coal natural resources, increase perambulate strength, make the strategic reserve of good coal natural resources. 2 it is to fulfil the coal of low calorific value such as gangue to generate electricity, make brick and gas generate electricity, civil the encouragement that wait policy, improve the dimensions beneficial result that resource uses. 3 it is to fulfil mine zoology environment to restore to amend policy with processing, accelerate processing of cave in ground, drive development of estate of mining area environmental protection. 4 it is to fulfil coal natural resources paid use system, cost of perfect resource development is reasonable apportion mechanism, promote raise resource to reclaim rate. 5 it is to make fulfil special and rare be short of coal natural resources to run a system, unite program, scientific development, exploitation of set limit to, reasonable use. 6 it is the environmental protection policy that implements boiler of social coal fired, firepower to generate electricity, judge admittance through taxation adjustment and annulus, the environmental protection technology such as to decoke of flue gas of strong thrust travel and establishment, implementation amounts to mark to discharge.

On this foundation, want to develop zoology coal industry actively, increase resource to use strength. Abide by " decrease quantify, recycle, recycle " principle, the profit that increases the resource such as ground of mine liquid waste, gangue, slime, fly ash, cave in is spent forcibly, become useless to be treasure, use circularly.

Continue to popularize application in entire industry the clean coal technology such as aerification of combustion of circular vulcanization bed, large-scale coal and improve a colliery direct, indirect liquefacient technology, the much couplet such as the electric heat of gas, coal that accelerates research and development to be a foundation with coal and coal chemical industry produces a technology, raise coal cleanness to admit the proportion that use, guide coal company to turn to raise coal to develop the quality that use and benefit integratedly by the growth that relies on coal output, enlarge the economic point of growth with coal new company, treatment of implementation coal and the integrated development that coal accompanies unripe resource, deepness, cleanness is used, develop zoology coal industry.
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