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Machinery and electronic technology still have no effect union and truckload the
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The statistical number according to concerning a section shows, in recent years, market of Chinese car electron maintains high speed to rise situation from beginning to end, year all increase rate is achieved 42.6% . The expert inside course of study points out, automobile industry lasts product of rapid development, car upgrades pace is accelerated, consumer demand tilts to car electron ceaselessly, become pull those who move growth of car electron market " 3 drive carriage " .

翀 of Li Shu of general manager of research center of Sai Di semiconductor said to the reporter recently: "Now, market of domestic car electron appears a good development the look of things. The popularity rate of product of traditional car electron is higher and higher, burgeoning car carries electronic product to begin to gain ground, car product upgrades quickly, car electron product in the car the proportion in total cost promotes ceaselessly. However, in the picture backside that car electron industry flourishs, we still have a lot of problem to had be notted solve, this includes core technology to be short of among them break, machinery and electronic technique have not be united in wedlock effectively, with truckload the enterprise is communicated not free is waited a moment, these difficult problem had become those who restrict this industry to develop further now ' soft costal region ' . These difficult problem had become those who restrict this industry to develop further now ' soft costal region ' ..

- the dependability can care of core technology product

The core technology of car electron basically is control system. Expert of electron of car of institute of project of Tsinghua university car connects Xiao Min to think, current, the core technology research and development of domestic car electron is more fragile, core technology product is returned with dependability respect on quality not stable, because examine for a long time without what pass the market, domestic product is very so difficult congener and as advanced as abroad product is the same as stage athletics.

Concerned expert thinks, mass of vehicle matters to the person's life and belongings safety, abroad is right the work of research and development of component is very careful related the car, from the design plan, yuan type selecting of parts of an apparatus, have rigid quality guarantee system to process of whole research and development, cycle of research and development is relatively longer. And car electron industry of China still lies start level, the manufacturer control understanding to link of the research and development of car electron and production, quality is insufficient still.