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Initiate of the home that involve steel develops vanadium products instrument su
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Recently, pan Gang develops 3 oxidation successfully the instrument of 8 vanadium products such as broken bits of 2 vanadium, end vanadium, Gong Fan detects new method, among them, 3 oxidation 2 vanadium and instrument of red vanadium fluorescence detect the initiate inside law vassal state, fill our country detects with instrument law 3 oxidation the blank of 2 vanadium and Gong Fan quality.

This method uses the device such as analyzer of plasma of X fluorescent spectrometer, ICP, those who realized content of chemical to vanadium goods composition is fast determine. Compare with traditional chemical mensuration, the instrument detects the law has rate fast, accuracy is advanced advantage, can reach an operation to undertake intelligence changes processing to analysing data, raised vanadium goods to detect further speed and examine safeguard ability, quality of product of stable to Pan Gang vanadium, rise it is crop, important to advance strategy of vanadium products high-quality goods to will rise action.