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The stage amounts to frequency conversion technology to help pneumatics machine
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The big setting with scientific and energy-saving, energy-saving green is advocated to fall in the whole nation, one batch has international to precede the enterprise of energy-saving technology became the main force of this revolution. Regard the whole world as banner automation brand, the control that the stage amounts to electronic group place to have, motion, drive each series of 3 big product line is outstanding product, be in this green produced positive effect in energy-saving motion, and report is amounted to to connect in its subsidiary amount to the stage automation series product and plan union, take all sorts of innovation solutions to manufacturing forefront.

Recently, report is amounted to to connect in with respect to success general frequency conversion energy-saving technology applies at Changsha constant voltage of automatic frequency conversion controls the pneumatics machine of some factory system, help client came true " energy-saving big redound " . In this system, report is amounted to to connect in use a stage to amount to transducer, pressure to change send implement, system of closed-loop control of pressure of composition of PID intelligence controller, rotate speed of self-adjusting electric machinery, make stability of pressure of the air inside gas tank is inside set limits, undertake constant voltage is controlled. Feedback pressure and set pressure undertake comparative operation, real time controls the output of transducer, adjust thereby electric machinery rotate speed, make stability of pressure of the air inside gas tank is on set pressure.

Report is amounted to to connected plan to achieve very good energy-saving result in, specific have the following sides:

(1) passes machine of pneumatics of many pairs of stages to undertake automatic frequency control is controlled, it is monitoring object in order to be in charge of road pressure, lose feedback adjustment through PLC intelligence, what can stabilize manager net is baric, achieve the goal of constant voltage air feed. Constant voltage air feed keeps the net does not suffer the concussion that pressure changes truly, prolonged the service life that manages a network, reduced maintenance cost.

(Aircrew of pneumatics of 2) much stage brings into system of frequency conversion automation entirely, undertake automatic switch by PLC controller, the basis uses the variation of tolerance, circular switch each aircrew works with highest efficiency.

(3) with " enter first go out first " for criterion, undertake optimizing assorted to 5 aircrew. Through be being calculated to the real time of bear of frequency changer group, decide each aircrew, stay time, make each aircrew efficient section works and wear away even.

(4) basis chooses a few unit automatically for tolerance, move in order to make sure equipment is energy-saving and efficient. Monitoring gas outlet reachs nose lube temperature, intelligence controls cooling system (like) of water pump aircrew, cooperate with empty press operating conditions, reduce the power comsumption of cooling system further, make whole set more energy-saving.
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