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Development of Japanese Ntn company rolled out needle bearing of prejudicial typ
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Face change quadrature implement the utility that waits to be used below prejudicial condition, japanese Ntn company was developed a few days ago and rolled out " needle bearing of an organic whole of annulus of prejudicial type bearing thrust " . Using bearing annulus an organic whole structure while, through improving internal composition, the 4 times above that extended old product in the life below the prejudicial condition of 0.5mm less than (compare) with photograph of this company product.

Mix in engine change quadrature implement the thrust bearing that installation place uses, it is to be in normally engine and change quadrature implement be in the installation below prejudicial condition. If do not allow prejudicial, bearing annulus shield and maintain implement after the contact, can give out heat, generation wears away. Accordingly, existing on the market (1) allows large prejudicial, macrobian order; (2) stems from embeddability consideration, bearing annulus and maintain implement 2 requirements that should realize unifinication. But the bearing of old structure cannot satisfy these 2 functions however. Although or allows big prejudicial, but the structure still is depart model; Or was to use structure of an organic whole, do not allow however big prejudicial.

While needle bearing of an organic whole of annulus of prejudicial type bearing thrust is achieving bearing annulus an organic whole structure, implemented macrobian order through taking 3 following step: (1) is held to can make bearing is protected implement with bearing the clearance on radius direction is installed more greatly than offset between annulus, undertook improvement to internal composition; (2) uses Fem analysis, through be opposite appearance is mixed board thick etc undertake optimizing, rose to maintain implement intensity; (The appearance that 3) decreases to prevent lubricating oil and creates is injured, designed in bearing annulus guide groove. Additional, its an organic whole structure is through using claw of arm of bearing annulus music the structure is mixed embed what buckle a structure and come true. Through reducing component amount lowermost limit, controlled cost to rise not only, still facilitate the client undertakes constructional exercise at the same time.