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Technology of cut of new-style water jet develops stimulative mould manufacturin
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Long-term since, the mould makes a foundation stone that is American manufacturing industry all the time. Recently in a few years, this kind of conventional technology already had very great progress, from use handiwork steel file processes the data with redundant purify, have heat treatment to rolled steel to the gas heating furnace that depends on modern technology, and use the computer to handle a program to achieve perfect product quality and top class production efficiency.

The tool of 21 centuries and mould can divide for two big kinds: Traditional with innovation model. Every kinds of type is OK apply foreground according to what its go up in industry and decide. Traditional pattern manufacturer belongs to the tool of old generation and die manufacturer, they concentrate main energy in the applied respect of manual technology, create the job in order to finish their mould. Innovation die manufacturer belongs to new generation tool and die manufacturer, they transform what main energy centers in integral craft, rely on equipment and software to finish working job.

Now, the mould industry of American home faces global market to open, make this kind of traditional business competition becomes more brutal thereby and intense. The biggest menace of the only that tool and mould industry are faced with is the obstruct that changes to innovating. Still including to add automation equipment in developing business, increase process designing software, raise running water chemical art and introduce new technology.

The complementary technology of EDM

Technology of water jet cut is a kind of complementary technology of EDM, it already was people place to accept increasingly. To die manufacturer, the treatment rate of machine tool of water jet cut is very good, agree with the cutting treatment of the rough machining production before EDM finish machining and bulk material, be helpful for shortening manufacturing time.

In mould manufacturing industry, EDM is a kind of very common treatment method. It applies at the cutting treatment of workpiece material, machine blind aperture and modular antrum for example. EDM uses ambiguous and logistic technology, this kind of technology can get used to all sorts of little change in machining a condition, make workpiece reachs the exterior mass of micron class. EDM processing technique makes the level of mould product had rise tremendously, include the precision of the product, quality, crop and gain.

What use normally in mould workmanship is machine tool of machine tool of ram type EDM and EDM mould treatment. This kind of treatment method that is not contact combines low pressure to rinse, can machine sectional very thin the spare parts with high accuracy.

When deep to 1in(1in=25.4mm) steeliness work is machined, we did a newest research, the treatment speed of the cutting speed to machine tool of EDM line cut and technology of water jet cut undertook comparative. The experiment cut of EDM machine tool introduced the cut line of diametical 0.012in, as a result its cut speed is 0.25in/min. The experiment cut that uses machine of water jet cut makes clear, its cut speed can achieve 2.9in/min, the cut speed tower above that should compare EDM cut machine 10 times above
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