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5 technologies aid Harbin Institute of Technology divine boat 7 successful be ra
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Airship of 7 manned spaceflight will launch the divine boat that the world fixes eyes upon late nowadays enter the space, carry out our country spacefarer first the space gives cabin activity. With " divine boat " the Harbin Institute of Technology that series spaceflight airship is having the reason that indissoluble, this, it is divine boat with multinomial and main technique again of 7 overall missions finish provide reliable safeguard. The reporter visited Harbin Institute of Technology now, understand boat of god of tribute of person of Harbin Institute of Technology achievement of 7 multinomial and great scientific research.

Horizontal cabin annulus accuses a system to transform side spacefarer to get used to orbit cabin life ahead of schedule

In divine boat scientific research of 7 manned airship attacks the central Shaanxi plain, the ground that project of a when Harbin Institute of Technology assumes great scientific research is the space suit outside spacefarer cabin tries test system. Among them, 5 people were in charge of the task group group that professor of steel of the pericardium in technology of pneumatic of Electromechanical institute Harbin Institute of Technology leads " horizontal cabin annulus accuses a system to transform " and " urgent answer control a system " two jobs, these two systems are a spacefarer indispensable test project walks outside cabin.

Horizontal cabin namely manned spaceflight " person (spacefarer) cabin (orbit cabin) take (the space suit outside cabin) " ground interview hatch checking. Group of task of center of technology of pneumatic of Harbin Institute of Technology is in charge of what horizontal cabin environment controls a system transforming the job, be in charge of be namely " person cabin is taken " the experiment offers proper environmental control. This annulus controls environment of systematic imitate aerospace, the oxygen that supplies the gas inside the orbit cabin that is experimented and space suit the environment such as azotic comparing, pressure, temperature, below the premise that ensures spacefarer life safety, make the spacefarer gets used to the life in orbit cabin ahead of schedule. This project begins formally to carry out at the beginning of 2006, the bottom was passed smoothly 2006 check and accept.

Urgent answer press a system to restore the atmosphere inside cabin

When the spacefarer wears space suit to have a test into cabin, be smoked to come true inside cabin empty. If space suit happens divulge, the spacefarer can be exposed in vacuum condition, breakneck, endanger life security even. Below this kind of state, port cannot be opened in time, need urgent answer press a system to restore the atmosphere inside cabin, make reach the baric value that suits the mankind to live, urgent rescue spacefarer.

Mr. Yang Qingjun tells task group the reporter, during making an item, they have a city, at the same time bear is worn the task group teachers of the job such as education of education, student to save time, often sit in the evening plane, late night two just arrived home at 3 o'clock. Finish a lesson, attend student graduation to rejoin wait for the job to hurried back hastily again Beijing. Day and night hard work, make they completed two projects smoothly according to plan, be checked and accept the expert's praise. This system is passed smoothly in October 2007 check and accept.
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