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Our country length gauge measures research to add device of one achievement new
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Recently, from academy of Chinese metric science (metric courtyard of China of the following abbreviation) know, the system of global satellite location that place of this courtyard length assumes (device of GPS) receiver calibration, passed national plan to measure a standard to build mark to assess.

According to introducing, this standard device measures limits to be 93.15 kilometers of 6 meters of ~ , main by super- field of field of short base line, short base line and in the GPS receiver of 8 field of long base line, high accuracy is comprised. Level of this standard technology reachs domestic advanced level, can achieve a society the servive routine of public standard, begin all sorts of model to measure model with navigation GPS receiver detect, can develop device of instrument of different function GPS at the same time detect. Those wide application are returned n cultivated land at retreating forest computation of careless still area, forest of silvan fire prevention, prevention and cure is harmful biologic real time monitoring, zoology is integrated observation net, enrage on the west east those who be defeated by nearly 10 thousand lis of cop is daily check of make one's rounds treading a line, and the GPS instrument equipment of the industry such as investigation of marine fishery resource, all can undertake through this standard device accurate detect.

As we have learned, chinese metric courtyard regards a country as metric courtyard, in length metric respect has the whole nation's banner research level and capacity. In recent years, they developed gauge block and strain line metric, nicety measures technology, big length gauge whorl of quantity, oil and coordinate measure rice of metric, accept metric wait for length gauge the research that quantity and nicety measure a technology. Win national level award early or late in research of length gauge quantity 16, progress scientificly among them first prize 1, national science progresses second-class award 7, the country invents second-class award 1, award of national invention third class 4. The length gauge quantity of this courtyard considers scientificly to dogging from beginning to end international is advanced level, compare in multinomial international advanced level all is in in be opposite. The multinomial length gauge that they assume measures a country great platform item, in the country that prop up great research develops activity and major project, stimulative business the people's livelihood of own innovation, service, raise resource to used the respect such as efficiency to all produce major effect.