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Igus drives the cable polymer carrier that gives out low impetuous low wave moti

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Message of EAST PROVIDENCE of island of American collect heart, use at high speed and the Igus that use a field quickly®'T3' cable carrier can draw the attention of the person that IMTS looks around. Carrier of this kind of light qualitative cable can be below the circumstance that fluctuates without noise and lowest almost move: Background noise is 33 DB(A) and 26.5 DB(A) . Polymer side belt is the integrated part that makes through fixing model place, reduced thereby assemble time is mixed and make client more accept this product easily.

T3 basically is development applies at electronic industry in, apply to measure machine, high speed processing system, industrial printing machine, in the room that do not have dirt and linear electromotor. T3 cable carrier still can use as ESD (electrostatic discharge) special type material, use in what integrated component is applying to in this application.

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